Coselec Pte Ltd, a Deister Electronic company in partnership with Dat Hung Co Ltd distribute solutions of Deister Electronic in Vietnam.

Deister Dlectronic is an innovative, family owned global business with 40 years experience in developing electronic and mechanical products for security and industrial automation. Widely acclaimed for our expertise and specialist implementation of RFID technology within practical applications, from key management and access control to logistics and process control.



Access Control

Design meets Performance

The New PRx 6 Reader Generation

Digital Locking Systems

Digital Locking Systems

Online & Offline Access Control

Vehical Identification AVI

Long range identification

Identify vehicles reliably

Industrial Identification

Industrial identification

RFID systems for the digital factory in Industry 4.0

Smart Storage Systems

Smart Storage

Intelligent asset management systems

Guard Tour Management

Proof of visit systems

Manned Guarding, Servicing, Safety Checks and Facility Management

Laundry Dispensing Systems

Textile Management

Automated, centralised and decentralised textile management

Remote Site Management

Digital Safe

Electronic safe for site management of widespread infrastructure

Personal Safety Systems

IPersonal protection systems

Protect and localise people

Key Management Systems

Key Management Systems

Control who can have access to which keys and when



A safe space - locker series

Are you using your resources optimally? It's easy to lose sight of who used which device and when - and above all, when and in what condition it was returned. With proxSafe you are always in control thanks to intelligent transfer management.

Too fast for you?

Digital door locks are a "no go" for you? Losing keys is costly and time consuming? Using our maxx keybox as an example, we will prove it to you: Our electronic key management system proxSafe is exactly what you need!

Pass through in under 5 seconds

The tamper-proof revolving door for entering and leaving the texRoom identifies every user by means of their RFID access control credential whilst recording all the textiles removed when the user leaves via the revolving door.

Digital cabinet lock

The digital cabinet lock DCL 3 can be mounted to any size of cabinet and features the proven reading technology from our doorloxx product line.

deisterGo App

deisterGo is your personal notifier to stay in control of your deister system.You can individually set up many different types of notifications according to what is important to you or your users.

proxSafe – Weapon Management

With the new WDC 8 Weapon Drawer Cabinet, the traceability of your weapons is always guaranteed. Limit access to each item only to authorized personnel at specific times and get a real-time electronic audit trail as to who takes what and when.

Digital Safe explained

Electronic safe for site management of widespread infrastructure. The battery-operated Digital Safe is a robust key safe for indoor and outdoor use. The weatherproof IP65 housing is suitable for all weather conditions.

deisterWallet App explained

With the deisterWallet app, doors, gates and electronic lockers can be opened automatically and comfortably via a mobile device. Users receive their access authorizations directly on their smartphone.

Asset management

Management for your shared portable equipment - A range of lockers to manage your laptops, mobile phones, tools and other valuable and sensitive items.

Key management

Stay in control and prevent chaos - Key boxes and key cabinets make managing and finding keys easy and reliable.

Access control

The next generation access control credentials - Secure technology, easy management and lean processes to transition from old credentials.

Long range identification

Unique vehicle identification for all conditions - Secure and easy to use parking management with RFID based vehicle and driver identification.

Efficient laundry issue in 20 to 30 seconds

deister electronic GmbH, Barsinghausen, has equipped Klinikum Lüneburg with its laundry management system teXRoom. It manages the entire laundry cycle: from receiving cleaned workwear, through picking it up by the clinic staff, to returning dirty scrubs.

Transparency and efficiency

Automate security-relevant tasks and increase your security level. Due to the increase in burglary offences in the corporate sector, the number of enquiries from professional and competent security service providers has never been higher. This fills the order books, but also means more responsibility and effort for them as security service providers.

Digital Safe – On-Site Storage

On-site storage, standalone and yet integrated into the system The battery-powered Digital Safe is a robust key safe for indoor and outdoor use. The weatherproof IP65 housing is suitable for all weather conditions. The Digital Safe can be opened using credentials or via app - the reading technology is freely selectable and all popular reading technologies such as mifare®, NFC™ or Bluetooth® are supported.

TSU 220 UHF RFID Reader

TSU 220 UHF RFID Reader – The New Industry Standard The proven TSU series for indoor and outdoor use has been extended and in addition to the compact and robust IP65 / 67 housing, the new TSU 220 is compatible with the following fieldbus technologies: CANopen®, EtherCAT®, EtherNet/IP®, PROFINET®

Intelligent Building Security

Coworking space operators need open and flexible concepts to effectively manage the multitude of people, premises and materials with minimal administrative overhead.

Security Solutions for Hotels

As an operator, owner or planner of hotels, you are familiar with the ever-increasing security requirements demanded by the industry and expected by guests, even if they do not see it at first glance.

Issue and return of workwear

Managing textiles is often a challenge. Logistic processes, optimisation of inventory and regulating the use of textiles are difficult to control and plan to achieve best outcome. By implementing textag you are able to incrrease transparency and manage your textiles cost-efficiently. With its greater range UHF technology opens up new logistic opportunities.

Intelligent Asset Management

bloxx is available with different drawer and locker sizes which can be combined in the same system. The modular concept allows the creation of a bloxx system to suit individual requirements. Users interact with a choice of control terminals that are specified to meet the required features and performance requirements of the intended application.

Textile Management

By implementing textag you are able to incrrease transparency and manage your textiles cost-efficiently. With its greater range UHF technology opens up new logistic opportunities. Furthermore textag is compatible with established HF and LF technologies. With textag you are able to gain an overview of the entire textile cycle: central and decentralised dispensing and return of textiles, the collection of used textiles and delivery of cleaned and prepared textiles. At the same time the focus is always placed on a fast and user-friendly operation.